Scenic Design by Anna Louizos

Dallas Theater Center, 2013

Directed by:  Jeffery Seller

Music by: Bill Sherman

Book by: Rajiv Joseph (based on  Peter Pan)

Lyrics by:  Rajiv Joseph and Kirsten Childs

Choreography by: Andy Blankenbuehler

Music Supervision by: Alex Lacamoire

Costumes by: Marina Draghici

Lighting by: Howell Binkley


Scenic designer Anna Louizos does wonders with bamboo to create both the island and the Lost Boy’s hideout. The pirate ship looks like it is ready to sink at any moment, like it’s been on one too many Deadliest Catch missions and magically appears and vanishes like the Flying Dutchman.
— Gregory Sullivan Isaacs
In the J.M. Barrie novel, all children are said to have their own version of Neverland. An elaborate skeleton of sticks outlines Wendy’s stark dream world, as designed by Anna Louizos. It’s large enough to serve as a backdrop for the actors soaring through the air.
— Lauren Smart