Scenic Design by Anna Louizos

Bucks County Playhouse, 2019

Directed by:  Mike Donahue

Costumes by: Tristan Raines

Lighting by: Scott Zielinski

Featuring: Olivia Gilliatt, Clifton Duncan, JD Taylor, Grant Harrison.

This production, directed by Mike Donahue, served up everything that you want Dial M to be: clever, timeless dialogue, delivered by incredibly capable actors; just the right pacing to keep the audience on their toes, while still allowing them to effectively catch the breadcrumbs dropped along the path to a satisfying ending; and all of this presented on the silver platter that is Anna Louizos’ effectively lush set.
— Chloe Rabinowitz - Broadway World
Anna Louizos creates another apartment you wouldn’t mind moving into.
— Neal Zoren - Princtoninfo.com