Scenic Design by Anna Louizos

Brooks Atkinson, 2015

Directed by:  David Hyde Pierce

Choreographed by:Josh Rhodes

Music by: Barbara Anselmi

Book by: Brian Hargrove

Costume by: William Ivey Long

Lighting by: Ken Billington

Featuring: Tyne Daly, Lisa Howard, and Harriet Harris.

Set designer Anna Louizos’s tasteful unit setting evoking the halls, doorways and suites of a posh New York Hotel is exactly the right background for the eye-popping attire by William Ivey Long.
— Simon Saltzman - Curtain Up
Anna Louizos’ two-tiered stage is designed for farce, providing plenty of doors to slam, closets to jump out of, and toilet stalls to throw up in, once the wedding preparations become complicated.
— Marilyn Stasio - Variety