the school for scandal

Scenic Design by Anna Louizos

Red Bull Theatre, 2016

Written by:  Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Directed by:  Marc Vietor

Costumes by:  Andrea Lauer

Lighting by:  Russell H. Champa

Featuring: Dana Ivey, Mark Linn-Baker, Frances Barber and Henry Stram; Also Helen Cespedes, Christian Conn, Christian DeMarais, Jacob Dresch, Ramsey Faragallah, Ryan Garbayo, Bradley Gibson, Nadine Malouf, Ben Mehl and Derek Smith

Director Mark Vietor has kept this merry frolic spinning all evening long, with the help of a very flexible set designed by Anna Louizos, rich and ripe costumes by Andrea Lauer, and spotlighting par excellence by Russell H. Champa that keeps focus cleanly as walls spin, backdrops change and furniture glides effortlessly and with great speed.
— Richard Seff
The production looks terrific, thanks to Anna Louizos’ set, defined by upstage and downstage walls, in the Georgian style, that can expand and contract to create various locations, many of them offering views of the London skyline circa 1777.
— David Barbour