Scenic Design by Anna Louizos

Roundabout Theatre Company, 2011

Directed by:  Peter DuBois

Written by:  Stephen Karam

Costumes by:

Bobby Frederick Tilley II

Lighting by: Japhy Weideman

Featuring:  Yusef Bulos, Jonathan Louis Dent, Santino Fontana, Joanna Gleason, Lizbeth MacKay, Dee Nelson, Chris Perfetti, Charles Socarides, Dan McCabe, Jared McNeill

Anna Louizos’ free-flowing set, which builds and deconstructs itself as unpredictably as if it too were part of Joseph’s disordered thoughts
— Matthew Murray
Anna Louizos provides yet another of her ingenious morphing sets — a comical character in its own way. They’re all good company.
— Jeremy Gerard -