Scenic Design by Anna Louizos

Manhattan Ensemble Theatre, 2002

Directed by:  Scott Schwartz

Written by:  Franz Kafka

Costumes by: Miguel Angel Huidor

Lighting by: Howell Binkley

Featuring:  William Atherton, E.J. Carroll, Catherine Curtin, Mireille Enos, Gina FerrallIn, Sean McCourt, Jim Parsons, Steve Rosen, Raynor Scheine, Grant James Varjas, Daniel Ziskie

The world of his characters, equal parts tragedy and comedy, is always moving, and with Anna Louizos’s gleaming sets, an effective balance (or imbalance) between reality and surreality is always maintained
— Matthew Murray
Just looking at Anna Louizos’ vivid set, a clear cube on a frigid landscape, chills the bones.
— Neil Genzlinger - The New York Times